Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where I Went This Week

First I went to the Picifac Ocean . The Picifac Ocean is the largest ocean in the world!!  The Picifac Ocean is so big it helps travel big boats like Barges to get across the ocean to transport goods.

Second I went to Glen Canyon.The Glen Canyon dam and other dams pervide energy and water wich supports growing of populatoin. The Glen Canyon is arid to semi arid wich means very dry and hot.

Third I went to Hollywood. I went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Holly wood Walk of Fame is a series of side walks along both sides of a 15 block side walk on Hollywood blvd.

Fourth I wentto the Golden Gate bridge. The Golden Gate bridge is the opening of the San Fransisco bay into the Picifac Ocean. The Golden Gate bridge is the longest bridge span in the world.

Finally I went to the California Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush slowly began on January 24,1884. The gold seekers (49ers)often faced hard jorneys like dangours mining camps.

I hope you visit good places too. Maddie

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