Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm continued on

I continued on and I'm getting weaker with each hour. And the sun seems to be weigh me down. I'm pretty scared because I could die.I think I should stay and rest for a while because i haven't eaten in a weekand i have to drink from a river, so I don't die. I'm afraid I'm going to get caught and get attacked by slave dogs. I'm thinking to my self I'm going to die I'm going to die.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I’m really scared because my aunts and uncles are fighting over who gets me. And i’m getting sold for 800 dollars. I’m going to get seperated from my mom, dad, my brother, and my sister. I’m really worried because I want to sneak out but what if I get caught. I’m thinking in my head should I sneak out of my plantation.


My poor husband and baby they both died and when I escaped my husband started crying. I didn’t know that was the last time I would see my husband and my baby.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

where I want to go in the southeast


Im about to start my roadtrip in the Southeast. I really want to go to the Atlantic ocean. I also want to go to Arkansa to see the sites. I would like to visit the Grand Ole Opry to visit that part of the country.I really want to go to New Oleans to learn about hurricane Katrina.

Here are some thigs I all ready know about the Southeast. I know that the Southeast has lots of water(the Mississippi river and the Atlantic ocean).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wondering about the southwest

Yoyo im about to start my jorney in the southwest. Im really wondering about the colorado river. I all ready know that the colorado river runs through the grand canyon. Im also wondering about the city Sante Fe in new mexico. I know that Sante Fe means holy faith in spanish. I all ready know alot about the Grand canyon because I went there and went on the tour. Thats all im wondering about i will learn alot more. BYE BYE


P.S. come and see my next responce on where I went.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where I Went This Week

First I went to the Picifac Ocean . The Picifac Ocean is the largest ocean in the world!!  The Picifac Ocean is so big it helps travel big boats like Barges to get across the ocean to transport goods.

Second I went to Glen Canyon.The Glen Canyon dam and other dams pervide energy and water wich supports growing of populatoin. The Glen Canyon is arid to semi arid wich means very dry and hot.

Third I went to Hollywood. I went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Holly wood Walk of Fame is a series of side walks along both sides of a 15 block side walk on Hollywood blvd.

Fourth I wentto the Golden Gate bridge. The Golden Gate bridge is the opening of the San Fransisco bay into the Picifac Ocean. The Golden Gate bridge is the longest bridge span in the world.

Finally I went to the California Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush slowly began on January 24,1884. The gold seekers (49ers)often faced hard jorneys like dangours mining camps.

I hope you visit good places too. Maddie

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The West

          Hey!! its Maddie im about to travel through the west. I want to learn more about the California Gold Rush. Like, who was the first person to find gold? I already know that the people who were looking for the gold (miners) were called "49ers". I'd also like to go to Los Angeles and visit the Hollywood sign and maybe see some stars.  Then I'd also like to visit the Rocky Mountains, and learn what states the mountains go through.  I will also travel to Yellow Stone National Park and see all the sights and learn about all the trees and plants. I hope you enjoy the west too.  Talk soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where I Traveled This Week

The first place I traveled was Fort Dearborn.The Fort Dearborn massicure was a fight between the Native Americans and the American Settlers for land. That's really cool because the fort was shaped like a star.

Lake Michigan is the second largest lake of the great lakes. Lake Michigan was formed from the great Ice Age. I didn't know that it was formed by the great ice age.

Mt.Rushmore is a simble of america. It took 14 years to build Mt.Rushmore.Mt.Rushmore has about 3,000,000 visitors a year.Wow that's awesome!!!

Indianapolis is one of the fastest growing regoins. Indianapolis also home of the largest childrens
museum.I didn't know that it was really cool.

The Gateway Arch was my last place I visited. The Gateway Arch is the tallest natoin monuent in the United States (630 ft.).Each year the Arch gets about 1,000,000 visitors a year.